Tools & Glass

Cocktails are often divided into categories, depending on how they are made (shaken, stirred, etc.). Each method requires the right technique and each technique requires the right tools.

Bar Tools are specially developed equipment designed by bartenders for bartenders (and now for you too)! Using the right tool for the job makes it easier, faster, and cleaner to make great drinks.

We offer high-quality bar tools for the novice and the not so novice. Choose from bar spoons, muddlers, Lewis bags (crushed ice kits) shakers, strainers, and more.

Quality glassware is half the drink. A great cocktail, in the right glass, just tastes better (looks pretty darn good too)!

Want to know a secret? We all taste with our eyes. Our colleagues in the bar business know this and they select the coolest glassware for their creations that money can buy. It’s called creating ‘Eye Appeal’.

At Cocktail Box we offer a range of stylish professional glassware that’s guaranteed to make your cocktail pop! If you wouldn’t dream of serving a steak on a paper plate then don’t serve your cocktail masterpiece in a random glass. Treat your drinks with love, wrap them in a beautiful glass.

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